About Us

As a proud combat veteran and Rakkasan, I founded RAKK GEAR to share my undying patriotism and defense of our Constitution through messaging that supports traditional American values and the defense of the greatest country on the planet, the USA. At RAKK GEAR, we don't pander to woke ideology, liberal agendas, or hurt feelings because we know our enemies know that wokeness breeds weakness. We love guns, freedom, and God, and we will never apologize for doing the honorable thing.

At Rakk Gear, we take pride in crafting apparel and products that embody the spirit of the Rakkasans, our legendary military unit known for their unmatched skill in conquering the enemy and defending America. Our "RAKK GEAR" store pays homage to the historic emergence of the 187th Airborne Infantry Regiment during World War II, as they stealthily descended from the sky by parachute over Japan into a group of stone arches called Toriis, leaving the Japanese fighting force in fear for their lives.

The 187th Airborne Infantry Regiment earned their revered nickname, "Rakkasans," during the occupation of Japan when the Japanese themselves recognized the unit's unmatched valor and resilience, and having never seen parachutes before, described the invasion with the word “Rakkasans”, loosely translated to "falling umbrella." The name symbolizes their fearless descent from above, striking terror into the hearts of their enemies. The Rakkasans remain the only military unit in history to have their nickname designated by an enemy force.

We strive to capture the essence of this historic event and the indomitable spirit of the Rakkasans in everything we make. Our shirt designs feature our logo "RAKK GEAR" emblazoned proudly on the outer back collar, serving as a constant reminder of the Rakkasans' bravery, unwavering patriotism, and dedication to the defense of America. The inclusion of the Torii symbol, which represents a gateway to honor in Japanese culture and the indominable strength of the Torii that withstood the atomic bombing of Nagasaki in 1945 while everything else in the city was leveled to the ground, further signifies the valor and honor associated with wearing RAKK GEAR shirts.

Whether you're a proud member of the military, a history enthusiast, or simply someone who admires the Rakkasans' legacy, our must-have products make thoughtful and meaningful gifts. Whether you're honoring a military veteran, showing support for active-duty personnel, or gifting it to someone who appreciates the rich history of the Rakkasans, RAKK GEAR products are sure to evoke a sense of pride and honor.

Get your hands on our exclusive "RAKK GEAR" gift ideas today, only at RakkGear.com. Wear our shirts and apparel with pride, and let the world know that you stand alongside the brave men and women who embody the Rakkasans' legendary spirit of bravery, patriotism, and dedication to the defense of America.



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